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Super Carousel Responsive Wordpress Plugin

SuperCarousel documentation version 3.0

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  • Item Name : Super Carousel - Responsive Wordpress Plugin
  • Item Version : Version 3.0
  • Minumum Required : WordPress Version 4.0
  • Author by : NNT
  • Support via Comments : Comments

Super Carousel allows user to create a carousel or slider in some easy steps. It has its own custom post type to manage images and content. Also supports Category, Tag, Posts and Custom post types. This means a content carousel or image carousel or slider can be easily created from posts, category, tags and any registered custom post type.

This carousel is fully responsive having different settings for different resolutions. For example you might need to display only one image in mobile devices, two in tabs and five in desktops. All this can be managed in a simple and creative way using this carousel.

It’s even easier to put images of different height together so the width is dynamic with fixed height so that your site looks pretty.

Getting Started #back to top

Super Carousel WordPress plugin allows user to create Image carousel, Content carousel, Post carousel, YouTube carousel, Feeds carousel and Flickr carousel with few easy steps.

All type of Super Carousels comes with two modes, those are Visual Mode and Expert Mode.

Visual Mode: This provides quick interface to choose carousel elements, applying CSS, applying events with only few clicks.

Expert Mode: This is for the expert people who love to write own code. It gives the freedom of writing custom HTML and CSS with element short codes extending the usability to a new level.

How to Install WordPress #back to top

Please read more about WordPress here. WordPress Installation.

WordPress is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer tools (e.g. Fantastico) to automatically install WordPress for you.

How to Install Super Carousel #back to top

Upload via WordPress Admin

1. Unzip the downloaded package from Codecanyon.
2. Zip the Supercarousel directory
3. Login to WordPress Admin
4. Navigate to Plugins => Add New
5. Click of Upload Plugin button
6. Upload the Zipped Supercarousel directory
7. Activate the plugin

How to Create Image Carousel? #back to top

How to Create Content Carousel? #back to top

How to Create Post Carousel? #back to top

Super Post Carousel enables user to create carousel from posts, taxonomies, custom posts and custom taxonomies.

To create Super Post Carousel, please follow below steps.
1. Navigate to Super Carousel => Super Carousel. Click on “Post” Tab.
2. Type slowly the name of desired post type, taxonomy, title, custom post type, custom taxonomy in “Filter By” text box to auto complete.
3. Select the Order By and Limit.
4. Double click on the required elements in left side of Elements box to select. And the element will be added to the right side and will be displayed in the Preview.
5. Click on the right side elements to set their properties. As you click on the element, the list of available properties will be displayed in the Properties box.
6. Properties are available for normal and hover state. Select the desired properties. Enter property name in transition box to apply CSS3 hover effects. To apply hover for all properties, enter “all” in the transition field.
7. Configure the Carousel and Save. The Super Post Carousel is now ready to serve. Put the short code anywhere needed.

How to Create YouTube Carousel? #back to top

How to Create Feeds Carousel? #back to top

How to Create Flickr Carousel? #back to top

Super Carousel Templates #back to top

Expert Mode #back to top

Expert mode enables user to enter custom HTML and CSS. This mode is available for all the Super Carousel types.

To enable expert mode, click on “Expert Mode” button.

The HTML box is Carousel type specific and the CSS box is global for all types of Carousels

You can enter desired HTML and relevant CSS in the boxes. The available variables are mentioned below the box.

Caution: If you are using fix height carousel, it must have one image tag with "super_image" <img src="{image_large}" class="super_image" />

Actions in Expert Mode

We understand developer’s needs. Super Carousel comes with four actions.

Action “SuperCarousel_Before” And “SuperCarousel_After

These actions are called before and after all the carousels.

Both the actions are callable by below code.

add_action(‘SuperCarousel_Before’, ‘example_methodname’);
add_action(‘SuperCarousel_After’, ‘example_methodname’);
function example_methodname($carouselId=0) {
//Do your stuff

If you need this for specific carousel, append the Carousel Id after the action.

add_action(‘SuperCarousel_Before_[ID]’, ‘example_methodname’);
add_action(‘SuperCarousel_After_[ID]’, ‘example_methodname’);
function example_methodname() {
//Do your stuff

Filters in Expert Mode

We always try to give the most out of we can. Super Carousel has some handy filters.

To filter pre-defined variables, use below code.

add_filter(‘SuperCarousel_[type]_[variable]’, ‘example_methodname’, 10, 2);

Possible values of “type” are “Image”, “Content”, “Post”, “YouTube”, “Feeds” and “Flickr”.

add_filter(‘SuperCarousel_Image_title’, ‘example_methodname’, 10, 2);
function example_methodname($data=[]) {
//Do your stuff
return $data[‘caption’];

To filter specific carrousel and write custom code, use below filter

add_filter(‘SuperCarousel_[ID]’, ‘example_methodname’, 10, 2);
function example_methodname($type, $data=[]) {
//Do your stuff
return $html;

To apply filter to carousels, use below code.

add_filter(‘SuperCarousel’, ‘example_methodname’, 10, 3);
function example_methodname($carouselId, $type, $data=[]) {
//Do your stuff
return $html;

To apply custom filter, use below code in HTML box.


Use below code in your child theme functions.php

add_filter(‘filtername’, ‘example_methodname’, 10, 3);
function example_methodname($data=[]) {
//Do your stuff
return [filteredvalue];

Available String Filters

Common filters for all types of carousel are uppercase, lowercase, ucwords, ucfirst, urlencode, urldecode, trim, ltrim, rtrim, stringlimit:0, dateformat:’Y-m-d’.

How to Configure Super Carousel? #back to top

Super Carousel Widget #back to top

Super Twitter Widget #back to top

The widget name is “Super Twitter Widget”.

This widget enables user to display tweets of a user in carousel format.

Title: This defines the title of the widget.

Number of Tweets: This defines the number of tweets to be fetched.

Pause Time: This defines the halt time in milliseconds after each successful transition.

Twitter Screen Name: This defines the feeds of the user to be fetched. To get the Twitter Screen Name, login to your twitter account and navigate to URL. Copy the Username.

Consumer Key: This defines the consumer key of the twitter account API. To get the Consumer Key, navigate to and Click on Create new APP or Navigate to After you create the App and click on the App. Go to API Keys Tab and grab the API Key

Secret Key: This defines the secret key of the twitter account API. To get the Secret Key, navigate to and Click on Create new APP or Navigate to After you create the App and click on the App. Go to API Keys Tab and grab the API Secret Key.


How to Import / Export? #back to top


Navigate to Tools => Import. Click on WordPress “Install Now”.

After installation, click on “Run Importer”. Click on Browse button to select the file to import and click on “Upload file and Import”.

To import the Super Carousel Templates, navigate to Tools => Import and click on “Run Importer”. Click on browse button to select the file to import and click on “Upload file and Import”.


Navigate to Tools => Export. Select the desired option from “Super Carousel”, “Super Content”, “Super Image” or “Super Carousel Templates”. Click on “Download Export File

template-import template-import

Version History (Changelog) #back to top

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugin on Codecanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


                        07-06-2021 – jQuery Easing Issue fixed, Circular carousel improved, Additional post types added to support Team and Testimonial Carousel.
                        24-12-2020 – No carousel found option
                        29-10-2020 – Filters bug fixed
                        26-10-2020 – Admin icons improved
                        10-09-2020 – Custom responsive issue fixed
                        20-07-2020 – Admin icons, lightbox icons and lightbox bug fixed.
                        08-05-2020 – RSS feed carousel image bug fixed and YouTube, Feeds and Flickr carousel SSL bug fixed
                        06-11-2019 – Post date and date format Bug fixed.
                        26-09-2019 – Lightbox icons improved.
                        19-09-2019 – Bug fixed and improvements, dynamic css removed, icons updated, lightbox image issue fixed.
                        19-06-2019 – Feed carousel filters added.
                        09-05-2019 – YouTube video bug fixed.
                        15-04-2019 – Bug fixed and improvements.
                        27-02-2019 – Content carousel issue fixed and Filters added.
                        22-02-2019 – Fatal Error and Warnings fixed.
                        03-11-2018 – Image carousel and lightbox issue fixed.
                        31-07-2018 – Image carousel additional title field and lightbox issue fixed.
                        04-07-2018 – Auto update feature and bug fixed.
                        10-01-2018 – HTTPS and Google Fonts issue resolved.
                        25-11-2017 – Auto play improved and filters added to manipulate carousel data.
                        02-10-2017 – Admin JS issue fixed.
                        27-09-2017 – Image Carousel single quote issue and merged JS issue fixed.
                        12-07-2017 – Content carousel order by features added and bug fixed.
                        25-06-2017 – Post carousel, “P” tag bug fixed and post featured image filter added.
                        16-06-2017 – Carousel admin revamped and added more features. The carousels need to be recreated in the new version
                        15-05-2017 – Content carousel bug fixed and improved.
                        03-12-2016 – Slide Thumbnail sizes improved.
                        12-09-2016 – SuperWidget bug fixed.
                        04-08-2016 – Twitter OAuth Fatal error issue fixed.
                        20-07-2016 – Lightbox a tag CSS issue fixed.
                        12-07-2016 – session_start and session_status issue fixed.
                        08-07-2016 – Bug fixed, lightbox caption added
                        14-06-2016 – Lightbox Caption Added
                        03-06-2016 – Fix height carousel bug fixed
                        21-04-2016 – Autoscroll bug fixed
                        19-04-2016 – Bug fixed, improved and Post carousel sorting feature implemented
                        16-04-2016 – Bug fixed, improved and Post limit added
                        04-02-2016 – JS and CSS request optimized
                        26-12-2015 – Touch swipe feature improved and custom template featured implemented
                        28-10-2015 – admin.js issue fixed
                        22-10-2015 – autoHeight bug fixed
                        03-09-2015 – Image size option, caption mouse over and image slide mouse over option added
                        16-06-2015 – prettyPhoto jQuery plugin removed
                        04-06-2015 – Bugs fixed and Image carousel / lightbox improved
                        28-01-2015 – Bugs fixed and Image carousel improved
                        11-12-2014 – Bugs fixed, blog and team template option added
                        26-11-2014 – Bugs fixed and Content carousel improved. Featured image and Permalink options added
                        08-10-2014 – Bugs fixed
                        28-07-2014 – Chrome Bug fixed
                        03-07-2014 – Bugs fixed and Document Updated
                        15-05-2014 – Bugs fixed
                        05-05-2014 – Bugs fixed
                        23-04-2014 – Continuous scroll option added
                        21-04-2014 – Bugs fixed and Super Twitter Widget included
                        18-12-2013 – Create carousel using Post Ids or Page Ids, Category, Tag And 8 new style of arrows added
                        18-12-2013 – Compatible with WordPress Version 3.8
                        12-04-2013 – Compatibility with PHP 5.2
                        30-04-2013 – Bugs fixed
                        06-05-2013 – Google Chrome Link Bugs fixed
                        12-05-2013 – Working in JS ‘Tabs’ now
                        22-07-2013 – Bug fixed