Responsive by Visible

Responsive by visible means, number of visible items can be set based on specific display area width. This automatically calculates the carousel item width by the number of visible item is set. Also preserves the aspect ratio with auto height.

For example, you can set 7 visible items for desktops, 6 visible items for laptops, 4 visible items for tablets and 1 visible item for mobile. So the carousel will display 7 items in desktop, 6 items in laptop, 4 items in tablet and 1 item in mobile preserving the aspect ratio.

Please check demo below.

This carousel displays 5 in desktops, 4 in laptops, 3 in tablets and 1 in mobile

This carousel displays 4 in desktop, laptop, tablet and 1 in mobile

This carousel displays 2 items in all devices

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