Twitter Carousels can be created using Super Carousel WordPress Plugin.

We need Twitter Bearer Token to pull tweets

How to Generate Twitter Bearer Token?

You need access to Twitter Developers Portal, login in to

Create an account, if you have not already.

You will need to create a Twitter App

We are using Twitter API v2

Only Apps in Projects can access v2 Early Access endpoints. They also help you manage and monitor your work.

So, you need to create a project first

To create a Project, click on "New Project" in your dashboard or the Projects & Apps page within the developer portal. You’ll only be able to see this option if you haven’t already created a Project.

You will be prompted to create a Project name, description, and use case. You will also be asked to create a new App or connect an existing standalone App.

After the APP is created, select the APP and click on "Keys and tokens"

Click on "Generate Bearer Token"

Bearer Token is shown only once, just copy the Token and enter in the "Twitter" Tab of Super Carousel.

Now your Twitter Carousel API is configured, and ready to use. 😉

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