Logo Carousel

Logo carousels are extended version of Super Carousel Image carousel. Beautiful logo carousels can be created using Super Carousel WordPress plugin

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial carousels are just extended version of content carousel using Super Content Carousel. Super Carousel built with Super Testimonial post type

Team Carousel

Team carousel can be created using Super Team Post type or any other post type. Team Carousel is an extended version of Super Image Carousel

Super Twitter Widget

Super Carousel is built with a handy Twitter Widget to pull tweets trough Twitter API. Twitter API Keys configuration needed to use this widget

Super Gallery Lightbox

Super Carousel WordPress plugin comes with inbuilt lightbox called “Super Gallery Lightbox”. That supports images, YouTube and Vimeo videos

Focus Carousel

A special type of focus carousel created on customer’s request, that emphasizes the center image by making other images semi transparent

Auto Play

Super Carousel is built with auto play option. Auto play duration, pause time and pause on mouse over options are configurable

Auto Scroll

Super Carousel supports CSS/JS auto scroll feature, enables images or content to slide automatically in a slow motion