Post / Custom Post Carousel

This plugin gives an option to create carousel using WordPress Posts, Custom Posts, Taxonomies and Custom Taxonomies. Also supports custom post Meta.

Action & Filters
We understand developer’s needs. Super Carousel built with actions & filters, that makes customization possible in Super Carousel
Admin Screens
Check out Super Carousel admin interface screens. Carousel Edit screen, Super Images upload screen and Super Content screen
Expert Mode
Expert Mode in Super Carousel takes it to the next level, enables to create the carousel with custom HTML& CSS with template variables
Super Image
Super Carousel WordPress plugin comes with “Super Image”, which helps in grouping set of images from media library
Super Carousel Responsive WordPress plugin comes with its own template management system. Pre-defined templates included
Twitter Bearer Token
A quick article explaining how to generate Twitter Bearer Token to create Twitter Carousel using Super Carousel WordPress Plugin
Visual Mode
Super Carousel supports visual mode. Elements can be easily managed in a visual environment with drag and drop features.
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Twitter Carousel

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