Super Carousel 3.0
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First Time In Carousel Never Seen Exclusive Drag & Drop
Visual & Expert Mode Features
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Powerful Backend To Give More
Access To Carousel Sources
Image, Post, Custom Post, Taxonomy, Custom
Taxonomy, YouTube, RSS Feeds and Flickr
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Built With Template Import/Export System And
Supports WordPress Filters And Actions
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Super Carousel comes with devices specific, three responsive modes. Responsive by Visible, by Height, by Width. Different settings can be applied to different devices.

Truly Responsive
Six Carousel Types

Carousel Types

Six types of carousel support extending the usability. It is easy to make a carousel from Library Images, Custom Content, Posts, YouTube Play List, RSS Feeds and Flickr using Super Carousel.

Drag & Drop

It makes great carousels in no time using the drag n drop interface and configurable options with few efforts of mouse click.

Drag & Drop Interface

Best WordPress Carousel Plugin Ever

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Visual CSS Editor

CSS Editor

All required CSS styles are configuration using an interface in a visual mode while previewing. This includes Google Fonts, CSS3 transitions and Hover effects.

Template System

Super Carousel has its own template system. Anything created in the visual interface can be stored as template. That can be exported / imported or re-used with in the visual mode.

Inbuilt Template System
Super Features


Auto Scroll, Auto Play, Auto Height, Hidden Element Support and Focus Effect adds additional features to the carousel

Gallery Light box

Super Carousel uses its own Super Gallery Light Box that supports Images, YouTube, Vimeo, Touch Swipe, and Pinch Zoom in a Gallery Light Box format.

Super Gallery Light Box
Expert Mode


Expert Mode gives bit more freedom and flexibility to HTML / CSS experts, which allows to use custom HTML and CSS with in the interface.


We understand what developer needs, so our custom actions, filters and custom keys make the customization and integration super easy.

Easy Integration
Incredible Support


We believe that great support makes great product and love to listen from our valued customers. Our dedicated helping nature makes the support incredible. Any queries, issues are handled from Monday to Saturday.

Twitter Widget

Super Carousel comes with a handy twitter widget that displays twitter feeds by username in pre-defined template format, can be quickly added into sidebars or any widget enabled area.

Super Twitter Widget
Supports Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Super Carousel WordPress Plugin now supports Visual Composer, comes with a handy VC addon. That helps to quickly put the carousel in the page using Visual Composer.

Corner Stone

Super Carousel Responsive WordPress plugin supports X theme Corner Stone, inbuilt with Corner Stone extension. That make easy to put the carousel on any page using Corner Stone elements.

Supports X Theme Corner Stone